How to play

You are looking to join MetaForest but you have questions on how to start? This article is for you.

How to join

As of October 2022, you have two ways to join MetaForest:
  • You can join if you buy NFT avatar of our bunny using our bot
  • Or you can join for free to participate in our open beta test
Let's go step by step.

How to purchase NFT avatar

Firstly, you need to press "Start" button in our sales bot. Then select language and click "Input wallet". Bot will request you to send certain amount of TON with specific comment:
Connect your wallet following screen instructions
Click "Check" after couple of minutes since you sent 0.01 TON.
Once the wallet has been connected, press the button near 📎 button and pick "Buy NFT". Enter amount of NFTs you want to buy. The next screen will show you the amount you have to send, the address of recipient and required comment to the payment. Sent that amount and click "Check" button after few minutes. Congrats, now you've got your own Soulmate! You will also become a member of holders chat.
Mind that your NFT will show up in game within 24-48 hours after purchase. Incase if that didn't happen, feel free to ask our admins in holders chat or main chat.

How to join open beta test for free

Join our app bot and click "Start". A message with your position in queue will appear:
291th in queue means there are 290 others in front of you
Now you can either just wait until everyone in front of you will join the game, or to send your personal invite link to your friends who could join open beta test and this way they will help you advance in queue.
Write /start in bot input field to check your position in queue. Once everything is ready, you will get notified by our bot.
That's how it looks like
The other command you can use is /stats command - it will show you number of invited participants and how many of them reached level 3. Hint: once your invitees reach level 3, you get lootboxes and karma.
Now, let's click "Open App" button in left bottom corner and join the MetaForest app!

App interface overview

In order to join the app, you need to click "Open App" button in our app bot:
Open App button is located in left bottom corner

Home screen

The Home screen will appear with various buttons. Let's check everything in details.
Homepage screen
1 - this is the amount of carrots you gathered so far. The more you walk, the more you do the tasks or quests, the more carrots you gain.
2 - your hunger level. When carrot icon is full, your bunny is well fed. Don't make it go below 80%, or your bunny will find less carrots per quest.
3 - "Feed" button allows you to feed your bunny. Treat him as tamagochi!
4 - level of your bunny. Each level up you get free points you can spend on your bunny's attributes
5 - this button shows lootboxes with items, and timer. After time is up, you can open lootboxes for default price. Otherwise, you can pay an extra fee to open them faster
Scroll down and you will see the next screen:
Home screen if you scroll down
1 - "Change" button allows you to switch between bunnies, if you bought more than one NFT
2 - Maximal amount of carrot gains per 24 hours this bunny can bring
3 - Your energy limit. If you have 1 bunny, your energy limit is 2; if you have 4 bunnies, your energy limit will be equal to 5, etc. You will spend 1 energy per each 500 meters of walk.
4 - Experience. You can level up your bunny once you reach full experience bar. It costs certain amount of carrots.
5 - "Level up" button. It's greyed out if your experience is not enough or if you have less carrots than it's required to pay for leveling up. Button will show the carrot price, the experience always has to be full bar.

Your bunny screen

If you click on button with bunny head (number 1 on the picture below), you will see Your bunny screen:
Buttons 2 to 9 represent slots for your bunny items he can wear. Originally these slots will be empty and greyed out. However, over time you will get items from lootboxes and you can dress your bunny up.
If you have more than one item for each slot, you can tap on that slot and choose item you want to ear. You can unequip items if you click Unwear:
You can equip and unequip items if you tap on item slot
Each item you wear will add something to one of attributes:
Strenght, Dexterity, Vitality, Intelligence and Karma are your bunny's attributes
Strenght allows you to more tasks with higher rewards and increase your rewards if your strenght is higher than minimal required.
Dexterity allows you to do more complex tasks and helps to increase rewards incase if your dexterity is higher than minimal required for that ask.
Vitality helps spending less energy per task. You will spend only 50% of your energy if you max it out!
Intelligence helps with working on your property and businesses in Metaverse, also with logic tasks.
Karma is the only attribute that you can't increase upon leveling up. You can pick the social quest and submit a link to any social network message you shared about MetaForest, and we will manually check it then add you some karma points. Depends on if you posted a single tweet, or would it be a massive article describing MetaForest mechanics, depending on your coverage powers also, it would give you less or more karma points.

Quests and tasks screen

Click on the third icon in shape of a bag. That will be Quests and tasks screen.
Quests and tasks screen provides you with current available quests and tasks
Pay attention to "Work in progress" area. It shows your current task that is still in progress. If it says "Job is finished", means you can take another one.
Have a look at "Billboard" area. This is a list of quests and tasks:
Work is in progress on this screenshot
Available tasks will have a green circle in front of it's name, while unavailable tasks will have grey circle.
Each task has own requirements and gives various gains. Firstly goes the task name, then task type (i.e. M-2-E in our case meaning "Move to earn"), then requirements under the circle and number of carrots you can get if you finish the task succesfully shown in right bottom corner. Let's take a look at the screenshot below:
Grey circle in front of task means this one is unavailable for you yet
You can see each task requirements under the task name and availability circle, they are highlighted on the screenshot above. First task on the screenshot would require you to have strenght of 16, second task needs you to have dexterity of 16, while third task requires your bunny to have strenght of 11 and dexterity of 5.
+15 and +16 carrots in right bottom corner would be your carrot gains, like we mentioned earlier.
The tasks with "Magic" in name don't bring you carrots but increase the chance to get lootboxes:
Magic can be different
The task shown in the bottom is social task: submit links to your posts in social networks here and you'll get some karma in return:
Karma can be made only by posting something about our project in social networks

Market screen

Click on the cart icon to open Market screen:
Market screen
This is internal ingame market where players sell items for carrots. The top of screen shows an option to filter by type of item: all items are shown by default. The items available to buy are shown below, with their price and Buy button.

How to play

Click Open App button in our app bot:
Visit Quests and tasks screen in app and click on the task you choose. Task information will show up:
Information about selected task or quest

Sharing your live location

The information screen has requirements mentioned at left, carrot and experience gains at right. The task goal can be seen below. Click Take job and you will be forwarded to our app bot again. Bot will request you to share your location. Press 📎 button and select "Location":
Make sure you share your live location, not the current location
After when you select "Location", choose "Share my live location" and specify some time that would be enough for you to finish your task or quest, for example 1 hour or 8 hours.
Make sure that you select "Share my live location" instead of another option, otherwise your steps will not be counted!

Current task stats

Now our app bot will show "You shared location" message and "Watch your stats here" button:
Stats button helps to see status of current task
Current task stats screen shows the distance you walked, how much energy you still have, status of job (is it active or finished), average speed and carrot gains:
Current task stats screen
You can always press Finish job if you like to return back to Quests and tasks screen and take another task. However, it's recommended to walk for the distance mentioned on current task stats screen in order to get full reward.
Swipe the screen downwards to close the current task stats screen and return to bot. You can open app again by tapping at Open App button in the left bottom corner.


Hunger level can be seen at left side of Home screen:
Here you can see hunger level is not full, so you better feed your bunny
If hunger level drops, you better feed your bunny until it's fully. Make sure bunny is always not hungry, because the lower hunger level is, the less carrots you will gain.

Leveling up

You will gain enough carrots and experience after couple of tasks done. Once you have enough carrots and full bar of experience, Level Up button will change it's color from grey to shiny black. After you leveled up, Current level icon will show a tiny + symbol at right corner:
+ button shows up if you just leveled up and haven't distributed new attributes points yet
Once you click on + button, you will be able to distribute your attributes points you gained upon leveling up. Pick attributes you want to improve by clicking on black circle + buttons:
Leveling up screen
Every next level you gain, your bunny can gather more and more carrots. However, minimal requirements will grow too.


You can see your lootboxes if you click on Lootbox button at Home screen:
Lootboxes can be seen here
You can see "1" on screenshot above. That means you have a lootbox available. Click on Lootbox button to see the list of available lootboxes:
List of available lootboxes
Click Open button under the lootbox. "Opens in 2:23:51:37" means this lootbox will be available to open for 10 carrots in 2 days, 23 hours. Otherwise, you can open it right now for 49,44 carrots:
Wait or open now is your choice
After lootbox has been opened, you can see the item that it includes. Usually item adds +1 or +2 to some of your attributes:
This item adds +1 to strenght
Item will be automatically equipped if you had empty slots, and add attributes to your bunny accordingly.


You can dress your bunny with items available on Your Bunny screen. Just click on item slots and select the item you want to equip:
Slots for items equipped and unequipped can be seen here
If you have only one item for each slot then it will be equipped automatically. However if you have more than one item for one of slots, you can click on slot icon and select the item you want to wear:
Here you can select one of two items available for this slot
Click Unwear to unequip the item.

Marketplace: Sell your items

Click on Burger menu on Home screen if you want to sell one of your items:
Burger menu is located at left top corner
Burger menu will show couple of buttons. Click on Inventory button:
Inventory button is located under Letters button in Burger menu
Inventory screen will show you the items you have:
Inventory screen
Select the item you want to sell and click Sell button:
You can either equip or sell the item selected
New window will appear. Enter the price in carrots and press Sell button:
Mind that each sale includes royalties and transaction fee
Now your Inventory screen will list one of your items as On market. Once it's been sold, the item will disappear from your inventory and your profit carrots will be added on your balance:
The item is shown as for sale
If you changed your mind, click on the item you put for sale, then click Withdraw. That will remove item from marketplace and put it back in your inventory as item available to be equipped:
If you want to stop selling your item, click WIthdraw

Marketplace: Buy items

Join Market screen if you want to purchase some item:
Market screen shows items for sale
Choose the item you want to buy, then click Buy. The next window will appear, click Buy again to confirm your purchase:
Purchase confirmation screen
Your new item will show up in your Inventory and you will pay the amount of carrots mentioned in the purchase confirmation screen.

Select another bunny

You can switch to another bunny if you have more than one by clicking on Change button on your Home screen:
Switch to another bunny here
Swipe left-right to select another bunny:
Bunny selector
Choose the bunny you want to play for, scroll down and click Select:
Confirm your choice by clicking on Select button
Now you will see another bunny on your Home screen:
You successfully switched to another bunny

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can always ask our community representatives in telegram chat. We also have russian, espanol and korean chats. You can also visit our website:
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