You can improve items you own - if the luck is on your side, you can "breed" two items of same rarity and get one item of higher rarity.
Unfortunately, the law of conservation of energy still exists, so old things would give away all their energy and disappear. Shall we dig deeper in crafting theory?

How to craft a new item

Crafting items is a game mechanics that allow players to turn two cheaper items into one better item. To start with crafting, go to your inventory by clicking the burger menu button on the left top of Home screen:
Burger menu has three buttons - you need the third one
Click on Inventory button that looks like a backpack, then choose Breed or Craft:
Breed button
Pick two items to combine in left and right side of screen, then press Combine:
Combine button also shows price of crafting
Now both items will disappear and you will get a brand new item which will show up in your inventory. Keep in mind that crafting isn't free and costs certain number of carrots, as it's show on screenshot above.
New item we crafted

What crafting is for?

Metaforest has 3 level of items rarity:
  1. 1.
    Common that comes from lootboxes.
  2. 2.
    Uncommon that can be crafted from 2 Common items with 40% chance (the other 60% goes for new Common item with different attributes)
  3. 3.
    Rare that can be crafted from 2 Uncommon items with 20% chance (the other 80% goes for new Uncommon item with different attributes)
40% chance to get Uncommon item if you craft two Common items

Getting better attributes

You may want to use crafting to improve your bunny attributes with a new item. Say, you have two Common items that you don't use. You can craft them and get a new Common (up to +2 to random attributes) or Uncommon (up to +4) item. And if you manage to craft two Uncommon items into a single Rare item, then it's +8 to random attributes. Pretty good, isn't it?
However, keep in mind that your brand new crafted item may be equipped in a different slot. Like if you craft two hats and get an item for right hand.
Also need to know that new crafted item can bring different number of attributes, not always maximal. Common gives +1 or +2, Uncommon gives +3 or +4, Rare gives +7 or +8.

Rare items

The other reason to craft is to get some extras due to items rarity.
At this moment, each Rare items increases daily carrot gains limit by +200.
Rare items can be sold using ingame market, even though it may be not so obviously good idea. Say, as of end of October 2022, Uncommon item costs around 1000-1500 carrots on ingame market. However, even though average cost of Common item is around 500 carrots, you may risk to lose 1000 carrots during 5 attempts to craft a new item, and in the end you may have less carrots than you had before you started to craft!
So always think twice before you start crafting.
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