We have three collaborations so far: FollowDragonsNFT
TonedApeClub! CryptoMeta
We are communicating with many other creatures that seem to be interested to show up in our MetaVerse. All you need to do to help them, is to request us to add your favorite collection in our telegram chat.
It's easy to add a new creature in MetaVerse. Genesis bunny is a soul that lives in a shell (NFT) first of all, so once you let this soul free of his shell, you can put a soul into any other shell. In other words, after you burn Genesis NFT you can get NFT soul that could be used for minting 3D model from any other collection you'd like to see in MetaVerse.
Obviously you need to have NFT of that collection in your wallet to mint that model. It will show up in our world with similar attributes.