Our mission

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We have connected all the dimensions into a single universe of Worlds for a reason, as each of them is important and necessary for the proper development of MetaForest friends and increasing the number of involved people.
Do&Earn will allow you to earn money for actions you do in the real world, such as walking, social interactions, and various tasks. This module is also very important as it will help you attract all kind of people, including the ones who have never interacted with crypto, because even a granny can get along with her soulmate and earn in the ecosystem of MetaForest worlds!
Metaverse is the main dimension we are in most of the time. Simply put, it's the shards of worlds gathered by the wisest of us into a single archipelago in a spatial ocean. Here you can learn something new about the history of bunnies, solve riddles and puzzles and take rewards, build a house or even make a business, and of course to keep in touch and communicate with your friends!
AR is the least researched so far. Thanks to our cell phone cameras, bunnies hierarchs were able to break through the gap into our reality and appear in our world. Soulmates are very interested in learning more about it, so over time bunnies will help us find plenty of secret locations, unique quests with rewards, and other soulmate friends.
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