Upgrading attributes

You can upgrade attributes in 3 different ways:

  • Leveling up brings you ability to distribute couple of points in your attributes. Each soulmate is unique, genetics are responsible for rarity category of soulmates, and you can get more attributes points if your bunny is of some rare genetics.

  • Quests without rewards that Masters give you on each next level. Old hierarchs help young soulmates improve their skills not only by leveling up but also by training them in order to develop soulmates main attributes. You can make up to 4 attributes points for strenght, dexterity, intelligence or vitality in quests without rewards. Maybe it seems too little for now, but your bunny may become quite a strong one by level 20.

  • Equip items brought by energy stones (lootboxes). Items mean a lot, as their structure may bring plenty of attributes points. The better the item, the more attributes it improves.

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