Technology has simplified literally everything, we don't even have to go to store nearby anymore, as we have delivery guy who can bring everything home nowadays. Do you remember the last time you checked information on your phone pedometer?
Gaming, social media, streaming services - we have more and more reasons to stay home. Technology has offered us the opportunity to escape from reality and do things while staying inside of comfort zone. Yesterday you were storming a game tower, today you are going to fight mythical dragons - all of this happens without having to go out of room. A common problem nowadays is the constant pain in back and having lack of energy. Have you just straightened your back?
Unlike many games, MetaForest is based on the concept of developing and upgrading your NFT being directly related to your real-world activity. Now doing sports will not only be associated with a healthy lifestyle, but also with the ability to earn tokens ($Carrot) for your bunny.
MetaForest is the project that will distract people from their smartphones and make them communicate, spend more time actively and perform logical tasks.
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